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Fissler Ceramic Comfort Pan

available in 2 sizes

Fissler Maxeo Ceramic Frypan
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Our extremely durable Fissler Ceramic Comfort Pan is definitely ready to take on the toughest cooking tasks in your kitchen and is available in:

7.9" (20cm) / 1.15qt. (1.1ltr. )
- 11" (28cm) / 3.2qt. (3ltr. ) 

Our Ceramic Comfort pans are lined with a special ceratal ceramic sealing manufactured on a purely mineral bases. This 100% PFOA free and extremely hard ceratal ceramic sealing is heat resistant up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit (400 degrees Celsius) as well as scratch resistant. Not even the occasional use of metal kitchen utensils can harm this durable coating. However, we always recommend using soft utensils such as silicone or wood with any type of coating as well as oil for cooking.

The pans are  manufactured in Germany using premium 18/10 stainless steel and feature Fissler's extremely durable and encapsulated "Super Thermic All-Stove base" for optimal heat absorption and distribution. This extremely durable base makes the Ceramic Comfort line suitable for all types of stoves including Gas, Electric, Glass, Ceramic as well as Induction.

All Ceramic Comfort pans are equipped with a practical pouring rim which guarantees simple and safe pouring without dripping or spilling.

The innovative and ergonomically shaped handle is very comfortable to hold, protects from heat and provides perfect control over the pan during cooking. The handle also features the very practical "hook-in" function making the pan suitable to be used with the optional Fissler Clippix spatter shield. When the Clippix shield is placed in the upright position, condensation drips back into the pan, not on the counter..

Suitable for all types of cook tops

Extended 5 year warranty.

Made in Germany.

Available sizes & capacities:

- 7.9" (20cm) / 1.15qt. (1.1ltr. )
- 10.2" (26cm) / 2.6qt. (2.5ltr. )

- Purely mineral based 100% PFOA free & extremely durable ceratal ceramic coating
- heavy gauge, hygienic 18/10 stainless steel
- heat resistant up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit (400 degrees Celsius)
- completely scratch resistant
- can be used with any type of cooking utensils - even metal
- practical pouring rim
- Extremely durable and encapsulated Super Thermic All-stove base for optimal heat absorption and transfer
- Suitable for all stoves (Electric, Gas, Glass, Ceramic, Induction)
- Energy-saving base provides quick optimal heat distribution, diffusion, and storage without any hot spots and is guaranteed to never warp.
- ergonomically shaped handle features "hook-in" function for use with clipix spatter shield
- use of oil for cooking is recommended
- Oven safe
- Limited Lifetime Warranty
- Made in Germany

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